Notable Settlements and Recoveries

Elevator mis-leveling accident

$325,000 SETTLEMENT FOR RUPTURED QUADRICEPS TENDON when client tripped and fell into the elevator. This matter settled after court arbitration in which pre-suit there was no offer. Our office obtained an elevator expert and conducted substantial discovery to develop a theory of liability against the office building owner where the client worked and the elevator maintenance company. Liability was difficult because there was no evidence that the elevator malfunctioned prior to the accident and there was a dispute as to whether it malfunctioned on the day of the accident.

Motor Vehicle Accident

This case settled after medical expert trial testimony in the amount of $775,000. Plaintiff was a passenger in a truck which was rear-ended with very minor damage to the truck. The plaintiff had shoulder and neck injuries which required injections and surgery. There was a dispute as to the extent of her injuries and the necessity of treatment but defendants substantially increased their offer after well-presented medical testimony.

$240,000 Fall On Dance Floor

The client as the mother of the groom while dancing at the wedding had her heel became caught in a groove on the floor and stained a torn anterior cruciate ligament requiring surgery. There were substantial disputes as to the defendants’ liability for the injury and the severity of the same. Our office retained medical and liability experts and the case settled after court arbitration, mediation and substantial discovery.

$250,000 Injury at Gym Class

The client who was a high school student who was injured a basketball at gym class when a basketball was thrown at her head. She sustained a traumatic brain injury resulting in post- concussion syndrome. The action for negligent supervision was hotly contest for liability, Title 59 and the extent of injuries. We hired an educational expert and a neuropsychologist and settled the case at a mediation with a retired Judge.

$700,000 Wrongful Death and Conscious Pain and Suffering

A 92-year-old woman who was struck by a car in as a pedestrian in the crosswalk suffered severe brain and other internal injuries and succumbed to her injuries after one day in the hospital and very little consciousness. Our office obtained the video of the accident at the crosswalk which confirmed defendant’s liability for this accident. Our office also promptly obtained the hospital records. We settled this claim with the involved insurance carriers after a relatively short period of time sparing the family the anxiety of litigation.

$250,000 Settlement in a Motor Vehicle Accident

The vehicle accident resulted in a skull fracture and traumatic brain injury. Liability was contested as well as the traumatic brain injury. We hired a neuropsychologist to evaluate the client. This case settled at private mediation after much discovery.

$300,000 Settlement for Multiple Rib Fractures Sustained by a Motorcyclist

The driver of the motorcycle was struck by a car which ran a stop sign. This was settled after extensive negotiations in claim with the insurance carrier and at the beginning of litigation.